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Welcome to Fasting Quest

in collaboration with

Science at your Service

Welcome to Fasting Quest, where science meets fitness for a transformative journey

towards holistic wellness.


Join Golnar from Science at Your Service and Margarita from Maggie G Fitness as we embark on a revolutionary exploration into the realm of fasting.


Through our combined expertise, we present a series of challenges designed to unlock

the numerous health benefits associated with fasting. From intermittent fasting to time-restricted eating, our diverse challenges are meticulously crafted to align with scientific principles while integrating practical fitness strategies.


Get ready to push boundaries, challenge norms, and embark on a rewarding journey towards optimal health and vitality with Fasting Quest.

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1 month 

3 months

 6 months 

12 months

what is included

Daily Short Videos

informative & motivational videos discussing the process and stages of fasting, offering tips, insights, and encouragement tailored to each phase

of the challenge.

Daily Reminders

Daily reminders of the goals, encouraging participants to stay committed,  and providing gentle nudges to engage in the challenge activities.

Live Q&A Sessions

Periodic live Q&A sessions where participants can ask questions,

share their experiences, and receive personalized guidance and support

from our experts 

Workout Videos

Three workout videos per week, showcasing different exercises & routines suitable for individuals fasting.

These workouts can vary in intensity and duration to accommodate different fitness levels and preferences.

Motivational Tips

Inspirational quotes, success stories, and motivational messages to uplift and inspire participants, helping them stay focused and motivated to reach their fasting goals.

Welcome Gift

A welcome gift o

upon joining the Fasting Quest

to have a great kick start

What's app Group

Small teams within a WhatsApp group where you participants interact, share their progress, provide support, and hold each other accountable throughout the challenge.

Progress Tracking

Implement a system for participants to track their progress, through a shared spreadsheet, and weekly check-ins.

This allows participants to monitor their achievements and stay accountable for their goals.

End of Challenge Reward

A reward for participants who successfully complete the fasting quest to celebrate their accomplisment

what is included

science behind it

Welcome to our 'Science Behind it!

A space to explore fasting's effects on health and well-being through scientific evidence and expert insights. Discover facts, research, and resources to learn more about how fasting works.


Intermittent fasting and alternate-day fasting may help decrease blood sugar levels and reduce insulin resistance.

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